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The Archdeacon of York is strictly expressing his own opinions (that Charles should not become King) . . . He is well-known for his eccentric views.

Rt Rev Peter Nott, Bishop of Norwich

The law cannot make two people continue to love each other.

Lord Mackay, Lord Chancellor

I didn't know it would be that quick.

John Major after the piledriver beginning work on the pounds 2bn Jubilee Line underground extension stopped after three bangs

The train coming from France is approximately 45 - I repeat, 45 - minutes late

Announcement to the first trainload of passengers to pass through the Channel tunnel

He was a salesman at the time, and the last thing he wanted when he came home were unsolicited calls from people trying to sell to him.

Susan Head in the Telegraph on why her household is ex-directory

Until the age of 13, Lord Bristol was not allowed to dine with his parents. He was compelled to wear on a daily basis long white gloves and received no normal family or parental affection.

George Carman, QC, defending the Marquess of Bristol for possessing drugs

The experience has changed my views. I'll only eat free-range eggs and chickens in future.

One of four men who attempted to spend a week in a chicken coop but came out after just 20 hours