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Why am I here? There is no answer I could give to that question that would be profound.

Cambridge philosophy student on why she was standing outside the Institute of Contemporary Arts waiting for the Princess of Wales to come out

At least it does have some red in it.

Spokesman for Birmingham's International Convention Centre on why it had sent out a Christmas card showing the Hyatt Hotel in summer

You cannot undermine guidelines, you cannot undermine a blancmange.

Alan Clark on his behaviour over Matrix Churchill

It is fine for an academic to speculate but it is not the role of a Bishop.

Spokesman for Bishop of Southwark, asked to comment on Bishop of Durham's denial that sinners are tortured for eternity in hell

Allowing homosexual men to bugger teenagers is not consistent with 'Core Conservatism'.

Stephen Green of Conservative Family Campaign, on John Major's alleged support for changing the homosexual age of consent to 18