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Quite simply, the Duchess of York is a vulgarian. She is vulgar, vulgar, vulgar, and that is that.

Lord Charteris, the Queen's former private secretary

It may seem illogical for nationalists to wish to exchange one central government in London for another in Brussels. But when has logic ever mattered to nationalists?

Niall Ferguson, Jesus College, Oxford, on the Scottish National Party campaign for independence in Europe

The Little Englander mentality, concentrating on British animals as if all the rest don't matter, is absurdly short-sighted and sickeningly hypocritical.

Paul Tyler, Liberal Democrat rural affairs spokesman, on the campaign to ban live animal exports

(High taxes) rob people of the chance to make the moral choice to assist others.

Michael Portillo, Secretary of State for Employment

If convicted of the charges I am accused of, I wish to receive the death penalty . . . If not proven guilty, upon release I will become a Catholic priest.

John Salvi, 22, accused of shooting two abortion clinic workers to death in Brookline, Massachusetts