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Those who seriously believe that we cannot improve on words written for the world of 1918 when we are now in 1995 are not learning from our history but merely living in it.

Tony Blair, Labour leader, on changing Clause IV

If this is what Andy Cole wants and if it is what Kevin Keegan judges to be correct, then so be it. But I am a little sorry.

Cardinal Hume, Newcastle United supporter, on the transfer of Cole to Manchester United

Goddamn, I'm going to have to watch every politically incorrect word I say.

Neil Kinnock, after an MEP interpreted his remark that "faith may move mountains" as a threat to the Alps

We would not want patients all round the country to get the idea there were have-a-go nurses going around trying out operations.

Royal College of Nursing representative after allegations that a theatre sister removed a patient's appendix

He is very happy staying where he is and indulging in his love for cans of super lager.

Royal Parks policeman telling the Princess of Wales about a tramp whom she saved from drowning