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It makes me laugh now when I hear him called a grey man. That's just a cover. It's a mask.

Jean Kierans on John Major

No rising hope on the political scene who offered his services to Labour when I happened to be its leader can be dismissed as an opportunist.

Michael Foot on Tony Blair

If Jesus were around today he would be on the picket line at Coventry like Jill was when she died.

A woman after the Coventry Cathedral service for Jill Phipps, who died during an animal rights protest

The earning power of brawn has not kept pace with the earning power of brain.

Peter Lilley on inequality

There are ebbs and flows in politics.

Robert Buckland, Tory candidate, after losing his deposit with 3.9 per cent of the vote in the Islwyn by-election

We do not think this is the longest delay in BR records.

BR spokesman on Thursday's 19.15 from Euston, which arrived in Wolverhampton seven hours late