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The constitution is not some patchwork quilt that can be stitched together in a different way. It is the product of generations.

John Major on the constitution

For the Tories to become believers in intervention for industry, skills, training and education will make them look like tourists in a foreign country with a phrase-book they don't understand.

Gordon Brown, Shadow Chancellor

Passions do run very high about cardboard cartons.

Angela Megson, dairy products director of Sainsbury, which is abandoning cardboard milk cartons

I believe that if God had wanted me to run he would have given me the body to do it.

Steven Norris, Transport Minister

The English thought Laurence Olivier could act. He couldn't.

Joan Littlewood, theatre director

The risks of travelling on the theatre trolley are at least as great as the risks of travelling in a car, train or airplane. John Yates of Birmingham University health services monitoring unit