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I wish I was a woman.

Peter Preston, editor in chief of the 'Observer' and 'Guardian', writing in the 'Spectator'

I just want to get my head around the fact that turtles on the beach have taken precedence over fare-paying humans.

One of 200 passengers delayed for nine hours at Manchester airport when their plane was unable to fly to a Greek island where turtles were breeding near the runway

It's hard enough to give birth at the best of times without aircraft landing on top of you.

Keith Betton, ABTA spokesman and turtle champion

Labour's duty is to make sure the school down the road is good enough for everybody, and the school down the road won't be good enough for everybody if we allow a few favoured schools to be treated as if they were superior with special status.

Roy Hattersley, former Labour deputy leader

John Major is a nice guy, but he is a loser.

Tony Marlow, Conservative MP for Northampton North