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People think that just because you are a millionaire you stop having money worries, but that is not true. You still have to worry about where the next Rolex is coming from.

Melvin Eddison, a millionaire who won pounds 2.5m in last week's National Lottery

I see Labour as the party of small businesses and the self-employed.

Gordon Brown, Shadow Chancellor, in an interview in the 'Times'

I will be cleaning the wards, cleaning the toilets and washing floors. I've never done anything like that in my life before.

The Duchess of Kent, who has joined Cardinal Basil Hume for a week as a helper to pilgrims in Lourdes

If only Chancellor Kenneth Clarke dressed more smartly, he would be a natural candidate for New Labour's first cabinet.

Roy Hattersley, Labour's former deputy leader

What people are angry about in Britain is being conned. What people are angry about are all the promises so coolly made and so cynically broken. What people are angry about is being betrayed.

Paddy Ashdown Liberal Democrat leader