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My acquaintance with Princess Diana has not in any way affected the priority I have always given to Julia and my rugby.

Will Carling, denying claims of a liaison with the Princess of Wales

Tony Blair has more chance of being selected than Norman Lamont.

Michael Bilton, chairman of the Stillington branch of the Vale of York Conservative Association, on the former Chancellor's candidacy prospects

How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get them past the test?

The Duke of Edinburgh, talking to a driving instructor on an official visit to Oban

John Gummer's response to the water crisis shows he isn't on the side of the customers. He sticks up for the water bosses. He sticks up for their pay. He sticks up for their perks. He even sticks up for their leaks.

Frank Dobson, Shadow Secretary of State for Education

Are the risks being taken, particularly by camera crews, worth the images that result, which are often very stereotyped and banal?

Patrick Bishop, `Daily Telegraph' journalist, on the death of BBC reporter John Schofield in Croatia