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Let's stop wasting our time, money, energy and effort asking the police to pick up young people with five quid's worth of grass in their pocket or with the butt end of a spliff in their jeans.

Janet Paraskeva, director of the National Youth Agency, calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis

We must act now to ensure that English - and that to my way of thinking means English English - maintains its position as the world language well into the next century.

HRH Prince of Wales

Before this case, a lot of people did not know who Miss Hurley was. My daughter has made her famous, and this is a high price to pay.

Monica Guerrine, mother of one of three teenage girls who face a custodial sentence for stealing £10 from Elizabeth Hurley at knifepoint

It's no use talking like a Tory. You've got to believe you're a Tory and act like a Tory.

Eric Pickles, Conservative Party vice-chairman on Labour leader Tony Blair

The BBC has the odd belief that I am an authority on bonking and outing. Lord Rees-Mogg