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I think Wallace probably panicked totally, but Gromit would have sorted it all out.

Arthur Sheriff, publicist, on the working models of the animation heroes Wallace and Gromit which were temporarily lost in New York

I have never yet come across a bishop of any denomination who could conceivably pass an economics A-level.

Lord Rees-Mogg

He used to say that his greatest wish was to break down in a Tube train in a tunnel for four hours so neither Margaret nor I could reach him and he would get some peace.

Carla Powell on her husband, Sir Charles Powell, who was Margaret Thatcher's foreign affairs adviser at 10, Downing Street

Hatred seems such an irresponsible emotion because it is so easy. In hatred, you blot out your own culpability - although I have to admit it is quite tempting.

Fay Weldon, author

I am so tired of that sexy, cute little sex kitten, the youthful Britt. I cannot look that person a second longer. I am so far removed from what she was, I feel no sentimental attachment to these things whatsoever.

Britt Ekland, actress