Quotes of the week

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Labour has come home to you. So come home to us. Labour is coming home.

Tony Blair in Blackpool

Once in power, I can't see Tony Blair shouting, "April Fool!" and nationalising the banks.

Jeremy Hardy, comedian, writing in the `Guardian'

Dr Alzheimer looks as if he may be extending a welcome to me.

Sir Alec Guinness, whose book `My Name Escapes Me' was published last week

The press has been complaining at me for buying a German car. I think it's very unfair. After all, I married a German.

The Princess of Wales to Andrew Neil

If you're not pretty and you're working class you have an easier time.

Helena Bonham Carter, actress

My guess is that the constant roar of traffic may even be heard in the cathedral precincts, in this grandest and most lovely of our English closes.

Stephen Glover, journalist, whose uncle once owned a house in the Close, expressing his opposition to the Salisbury bypass