Quotes of the week

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A six-year-old kissing another six-year-old is unwelcome behaviour.

An education spokeswoman in North Carolina explaining why a boy had been suspended from primary school for kissing a girl on the cheek

If everything's going well, they take everyone out on the drink and get drunk for a couple of days.

Paul Gascoigne on life (allegedly) at Glasgow Rangers football club

Now that religion, sex and excrement have become worked out, are there other forbidden seams we can exploit? The prospects do not look promising.

John Ayto, co-editor of the 'Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang', on the search for new swear words

I confess to being slightly astonished.

Michael Billington, 'Guardian' journalist and Pinter biographer, on press interest in his discovery that the playwright had a seven-year affair with Joan Bakewell

I am guilty of constantly backtracking, vacillating and losing my nerve.

Steven Norris, Tory minister, on why he disappointed several mistresses who expected him to leave his wife