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Often, the people who say working women break up the family are those who complain about single mothers receiving benefit.

Angela Knight, Economic Secretary to the Treasury

I should be grateful to the Government - they have probably made me a millionaire.

David Donoghue, businessman who sold videos of NHS operations, grateful for the publicity surrounding the injunction against him

Whereas [the film] Lolita caused a storm in the Sixties, the many Lolitas of advertising and entertainment today hardly raise a murmur ... Surely we cannot accept that the dignity, childhood, even lives, of thousands of children might be sacrificed for the sake of art without responsibility.

Roger Moore, actor and Unicef goodwill ambassador, at the World Congress Against Commercial Exploitation of Children, in Stockholm

There is no omnibus edition [of Coronation Street] shown outside the Granada region. That's something - a new policy for a Labour government - it should be shown all over.

Tony Blair, Leader of the Opposition, at Granada TV's television studios