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Whether you talk about paedophilia, prostitution, pornography or the traffic in human organs, people are increasingly being treated as a primary resource. It is a global problem.

Michele Hirsch, child rights lawyer, on the Belgian child sex scandal

No coronets and ermine will cover up Maurice Saatchi's and Peter Gummer's role in dragging British politics lower than the gutter.

Frank Dobson, MP, after the two public relations advisers to the Conservative Party were made life peers

As soon as she won she started to eat.

Miss Universe official commenting on Alicia Machado of Venezuela who won the title and then put on two stone

You will never normally have a client where you can pick up the telephone to anyone in the media and get a front page story.

Jane Atkinson, Princess Diana's former public relations adviser, on the positive side of the job

Hell will freeze over before I resign. I am being punished for showing compassion.

Bernadette Pugh, special constable, who was asked to resign from the Metropolitan Police after using her warrant card to help a penniless neighbour obtain DHSS benefit