quotes of the week

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I don't wish to talk about it, thank you.

Clare Short, walking out of a television interview when asked to comment on the Tube strike

If I had a daughter I would advise her not to go into politics. It is just too nasty and hurtful.

Clare Short, demoted this week in Tony Blair's shadow cabinet reshuffle

Impatience with the right to strike is impatience with democracy.

John Monks, TUC general secretary

The time has clearly come to cull twitching Euro-commissioners who are scared of their dinners.

Sir Bernard Ingham on the EU lamb scare

The current edition invites vulnerable men and women to take up prostitution as a business opportunity.

Ian McCartney, Labour's employment spokesman, protesting at advertisments in 'Jobsearch' magazine available in government Jobcentres

We played around with lots of different ideas and came up with this one.

Michael Hutchence on the naming of his and Paula Yates's new-born daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily