Quotes of the week

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I voted for 3 per cent and that is what I shall take. I am in quite a different position from my colleagues - I am paid far more than they are.

Tony Blair, leader of the Labour Party, on the 26 per cent pay rise voted for by MPs

The United Kingdom, especially London and the community of Brixton, were the heartland of the anti-apartheid struggle.

Nelson Mandela, in Brixton, south London

I've been an ANC member for 25 years and I'd have walked here if I'd had to.

Karin Hunt, grandmother, who travelled from Southampton to see Nelson Mandela in Trafalgar Square

It is not easy for a goverment by a single act to abdicate its own moral authority, undermine confidence in the police, insult church leaders of four principal faiths, and boost the acceptability of a terrorist organisation. Last Thursday, a British government managed to do all four.

Dr Garret FitzGerald, former Irish prime minister

Men with plentiful body hair tend to be more intelligent.

Dr Aikarakudy Alias, psychiatrist