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Do not be a Communist in the next life, or you will be in trouble again.

Saloth Suong, brother of Pol Pot

I went to Victoria station and I was amazed. I can't have been there for 15 years and there were escalators, marbled floors and everything looked clean.

Sir Owen Green, retired chairman of BTR, on discovering the world of public transport after being chauffeured for 30 years

When I first met Nigel he was 44, feisty and fat. Later I got the hang of the way he organised his life, which was, in essence, based on set meal times.

Therese Lawson on her husband, former Chancellor Lord Lawson, who has lost four stones by dieting

I won't have that sort of language in my court. He has three mistresses and families.

Judge Michael Coombe who objected to a barrister referring to a client's three "partners"

We made it count in 1966. Let's hope that the 30-year wait is over and that football comes home in glory this summer.

John Major on Euro 96