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If it's drink, the airline must take some responsibility for giving young kids too much. Gordon Taylor, football players' union chief, on allegations that England footballers caused damage on a plane.

It was an evening of debauchery, but nothing nasty.

Clark Martin, manager of the Hong Kong club where Paul Gascoigne, 29, earlier celebrated his birthday.

I think I go onwards and upwards. The Duchess of York, after losing her royal status.

I have no doubt that the BBC now have me on a pathetic little blacklist somewhere. Well, that suits me fine. The BBC can get stuffed.

Anne Diamond, whose morning television show has been taken off the air.

When he comes to a fork in the road, he takes it.

Paul Greenberg, writing in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on President Clinton.

Why not. Yeah.

Dr Timothy Leary's last words as reported on the Internet.