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It has now become a paper which has no time for middle-aged, male- dominated values.

Graham Jones, former 'Sunday Express' executive, explaining to an industrial tribunal why the paper sacked him

Take away the heavy linen, the cutlery, the suits and ties and what do you have? You have people eating second-rate potatoes in a washing up bowl.

Digby Anderson, sociologist, explaining the importance of restaurant manners.

It would have been as attractive to buy a used car from Richard Nixon after Watergate as it is now to let a British cabinet minister put a hamburger on your plate.

Tageszeitung, German newspaper

Just as a small group of football hooligans has done lasting damage to Britain's image abroad, so John Major's Conservative government, and its often thuggish supporters in the press, could now be doing the same.

The Economist

It is just what young people do every day.

Amy Kilfoyle, a Labour MP's daughter, on how she and a friend had sex with Robbie Fowler, a Liverpool footballer, and gave the story to the 'Sun'