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I am sorry.

Kevin Bond, Yorkshire Water chairman, to customers after an inquiry rebuked the firm for mismanagement

MPs in all parties ... no longer have a sense of public service, they are not the same type of people. They are careerist.

Lord Whitelaw, former Tory minister

Far from being awash with sleaze and corruption, our Parliament must be one of the most incorrupt in the world.

Lord Hanson, chairman of Hanson

There have been in my ministry occasions when I have acted in a don't- want-to-know way and why-should-I-inquire way.

Lord Runcie on ordaining gay priests

I shall spend it very easily. People are always surprised when writers receive money, as if they don't have mortgages to pay.

Helen Dunmore of her pounds 30,000 Orange Prize for women's fiction

France wants you to take part in this great undertaking.

President Jacques Chirac speaking to both Houses of Parliament on European Monetary Union