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Sex has never been an act of freedom for me. Robert and I climb into the bath together, but we tend to talk about quantum physics.

Toyah Wilcox, presenter of the 'The Good Sex Guide' on ITV

This is the only country in Europe where young men think if they don't drink eight pints on a Friday night people will call them a poof.

Andrew Chevis of the Portman Group, which is urging parents to teach young people how to drink sensibly

A British girl has chosen our faith, that's what the fuss is about. I've been to England and I know about the orgies, the drug parties where young people do what this couple chose to do honestly and in keeping with Islam.

Ali Sezal, mayor of Kahramanmaras, home town of 13-year-old Sarah Cook's husband, Musa Komeagac

We must develop a framework giving employees opportunities, prospects and participation in the economy's success - dare I say a stakeholding.

Adair Turner, CBI director-general

People might think having an affair is all about romance, but I tend to think what you are actually saying is that you are trying to collect some better sperm from somebody else.

Dr Robin Baker, Manchester University