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In the 20th century, there was Clemenceau, de Gaulle and him.

Serge July of the French newspaper 'Liberation', on Francois Mitterrand

I think that this is a sort of cognitive equivalent of a condom - it's a layer of contraceptive rubber between the direct experience and the cognitive system.

Jonathan Miller on reading from a computer screen

The body was on a stretcher on the floor. We had left her nightdress on for decency and I was just looking at her thinking how devastated Claude would be feeling. Then suddenly a vein twitched two or three times.

Undertaker Ken Davison on finding Daphne Banks alive in a morgue

We are in the business of winning and anything that is legal we will look at.

Wigan rugby league coach Chris Butler on new devices to improve oxygen intake by widening nostrils

I am not sure what is meant by those who say that the party should return to "One Nation Conservatism". As far as I can tell by their views on European federalism, such people's creed would be better described as "No Nation Conservatism".

Baroness Thatcher