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There is a sense of Charles attempting to emphasise a certain quirkiness and the individuality of his character, but one wonders how comfortable his sons are sitting in their pots.

Raj Persaud, psychologist, on the Prince of Wales's Christmas card showing him flanked by his two sons in enormous flower pots

Boxing got me started on philosophy. You bash them, they bash you and you think, what's it all for?

Arthur Mullard, comic actor and boxer, who died on Monday, aged 85

I don't like being lectured on humanity. A woman known only as Alice, who heckled the Princess of Wales at a New York awards dinner

We are very angry. You put your life in the hands of the health service yet Nicholas was fatally let down.

Cath Geldard, mother of the 10-year-old boy who died after being moved between four hospitals

Violence is not a knife in the hand. It grows, like a poison tree, inside people who, unlike yourselves, have not learned to value other human beings. Frances Lawrence, widow of murdered headmaster Philip, in a letter to his pupils

QUOTE Knights

"The flight of the knights must change the complexion of the Conservative party. The frayed Old Etonian tie will be hauled down to be replaced by the sort of ties favoured by newsreader Jon Snow. God help the Tory party" - Tory MP Sir Julian Critchley, on Conservative grandees who are quitting Westminster at the next election.


"It's quite normal to get ill and try to fight off the bug. I don't think I've done anything special" - leukaemia patient Jaymee Bowen, formerly known in court battles as Child B, on her Children of Courage medal.


"Today's decision has given the Press carte blanche to 'print and be damned"' - rock star Elton John after a pounds 350,000 libel victory he won two years ago was cut to pounds 75,000 in the Court of Appeal.

QUOTE Claire

"This will be the first Christmas without my little girl. Our lives have been shattered forever" - Pam Bennett, mother of schoolgirl Claire Hood who was found murdered near Cardiff in January.


"The basic message that the World Health Organisation is saying in relation to alcohol is that less is better" - WHO alcohol adviser Dr Peter Anderson.

QUOTE Bosnia

"It is what we have been training for and I don't see any problems coping with the demands" - TA corporal Jacqueline Wisely leaving Northern Ireland for a posting in Bosnia.


"My personal life is not for public consumption. And if my life continues to be invaded in this way I will stop acting" - Emma Thompson, asked about her separation from Kenneth Branagh.

QUOTE Pamela

"Psychotherapy is actually not that different from what I was doing, because as a comedian one is examining human behaviour" - ex-Not the Nine O'Clock News star Pamela Stephenson, set to qualify as a clinical psychotherapist.


"I'm a lark and an owl. I like both ends of the day and would love to have a siesta built into English culture" - Labour MP Mo Mowlam.

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