Quotes of the week

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Marriage is the institution which is at the heart of the good society.

Archbishop of Canterbury, responding to a Church of England report which suggested that unmarried couples should not be condemned

As much as I agree with his policies, he's not necessarily the best saxophone player in the world.

Curtis Steigers, President Clinton's fellow sax player at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Belfast

Sarah Ebanja [Lewisham education deputy chairman] hails from south of the Thames, where most persons of colour live.

US Embassy advice to First Lady on the women invited to meet her

Oh my God, that's appalling. I'm from north London for a start.

Sara Ebanja, on hearing the advice

Bloody typical. The wife's sent home early and he stays on.

Dublin woman on the Clintons' visit to Cassidy's pub

Under Thatcher the Tory party was on Ecstasy looking for enemies to defeat and dragons to slay. Now the search for villains and abuses looks more and more odd.

John Casey, Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge