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On President Mandela falls the main responsibility for ensuring that his colleagues make an adequate response to the (Nigerian) junta's brutality. Mr Mandela has argued over-cautiously against expulsions.

Telegraph leading article criticising Nelson Mandela for being too moderate as South Africa rejoins the Commonwealth after more than 30 years

The prisons are full of indoor horticulturists, harmless people.

David Hockney, artist, on the legalisation of cannabis

Due to the water shortage, the ale is now being served at full strength.

Hotel notice in Sheffield, threatened with cuts in water supply

We claim to have secrets but they are harmless. There is nothing in the slightest bit sinister. If anything, they are really rather ridiculous.

Lord Justice Millett, one of two senior judges who have revealed that they are Freemasons

He did not just keep his clothes on under the sheet, but he kept his shoes on, too. When I asked him why, he said it was in case there was a fire.

Helena Bonham Carter, actress, on love scenes with Woody Allen