quotes of the week

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Well, it certainly would not be impossible, David.

Viscount Rothermere, owner of Associated Newspapers, to his chairman, Sir David English, on the prospect of AP supporting Labour at the next election

I didn't do this, did I?

Joe Haines, Harold Wilson's press supremo, in amazement after listening to the spin of Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's press secretary


Geoffrey Parkhouse, veteran 'Glasgow Herald' journalist

It is my wish to continue in public life.

Norman Lamont, after he failed to gain the nomination for the new seat of Kingston and Surbiton

This month past he came up to an auntie's funeral and his old car blew a gasket on the road from Dublin. He's not interested in material things.

Hugh Heaney on his brother Seamus, the new Nobel laureate

Wasn't it good to see Eric Cantona back in action? Let's hope this time he remembers kicking people in the teeth is the Tory government's job.

The joke written by Roy Hudd for Tony Blair's speech at the Labour Party conference