Quotes of the week

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The Queen is a professional and Lady Thatcher is a professional.

Buckingham Palace spokesman on the former's decision to attend the latter's 70th birthday party

Moral crusaders must expect to pay the price of martyrdom.

Chris Howell, Institute of Trading Standards, on the consequences of defying the new metrication laws

He thinks knowledge will only cloud his mind.

Senior civil servant on Michael Heseltine, quoted in the 'Guardian'

You just have to find your way through the smoke.

Christopher Darden, for the prosecution, to the OJ Simpson trial jury

They need space and some peace.

England Rugby Union statement on Will and Julia Carling's separation

I wanted to be an activist, and Blair made it more acceptable to somebody from a public school background.

Oxford student on why he has joined the Labour Party

It is a truth universally acknowledged ...

Anybody reviewing the BBC production of 'Pride and Prejudice'