Rise of regions underpins need for EMU: Letter

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Sir: You are right to say that the British people face decision time on the single currency, but making your mind up is only half the equation - how are voters to express their choice? As things stand, they can't. Labour won't say what its position is. The Tories may or may not sign up for a single currency; they may or may not offer voters a referendum. And the Referendum Party offers people a say on Britain's membership of the European Union - a choice most voters have long since made, in Europe's favour.

That leaves the Liberal Democrats. Agree or disagree with our policies on Europe - at least they are clear-cut and based upon a firm commitment to a referendum on any major constitutional reform proposed in Europe. If the other parties wish to debate the question of Europe and the single currency - they say they do - then they must explain how they will let voters give their verdict.


(Somerset & North Devon, Lib Dem)