Shooting is not a pastime for deviants: Letter

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Sir: If Bryan Appleyard thinks that this time the "mob" is right, on the subject of gun control, then I do hope that the right questions were asked ("This time the mob has right on its side", 1 August). The proposed non-discriminatory handgun ban would sweep away a great many historical arms and antiques in a manner reminiscent of the Reformation. Next time you are in a museum, disposed to admire the craft of some 16th century gun maker, be grateful there was no purge carried out in the 18th century.

I would also hope that the appetite of Bryan Appleyard's "mob" would extend to other, quite definite, life-saving measures, like reducing urban vehicle speed limits to 20 mph. There is no longer any doubt that this would save the lives of dozens of children each year. But how many drivers would support such an inconvenient though life-saving measure, and not even a crusading journalist would dare call those who opposed such a move "irredeemable loonies".