Tall story

For readers of 'The Independent on Sunday' only, here are selected highlights from Kenneth Starr's 37 boxes of corroborating evidence, some of which may never be available elsewhere:

BOX 9: Other gifts

Exhibit 223/14A: Copy of Bridget Jones's Diary, inscribed "love M. (wt.13st, 4lbs; cigars: 1(!))" and bookmarked with official "Airforce One" Post- it note, containing handwritten calculations converting stones into pounds and the word "yipes!".

Exhibit 112/45G: Shirt, poly-cotton blend, large, short-sleeved, and bearing the legend "My Boyfriend Went to the G7 Summit And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt".

Exhibit 103/70G: Red, white and blue "I Inhaled!" refrigerator magnet.

BOX 12: Scientific evidence

FBI Exhibit 115-S: 4ft x 4ft section of Oval Office Carpet, shredded, liquidised and sealed in 5 litre drum.

FBI Exhibit 287/19B: 473 cigar butts, individually tagged and dated.

FBI Exhibit 145-G: 57 golf score cards, dated, tagged and collated, and accompanying graph showing fluctuations in performance on specific dates.

BOX 23: Video

Exhibit 314/VT: White House security camera tape from August 1997 showing WJC smoking cigar under No Smoking sign, in violation of federal government employee directives, and laughing.

Exhibit 608/VT: White House Security Camera tape from February 1997 showing Monica Lewinsky picking up a green ceramic frog from Betty Currie's desk and shouting "WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?"

Exhibit 712/50A: Compilation tape of Sarah, Duchess of York's Weight Watchers adverts, labelled "White House - Top Secret".

White House Security Camera Footage of WJC entering windowless hallway leading to Oval Office, pausing, looking up at security camera and saying "uh-oh".

Exhibit 441/VT White House security camera tape clearly showing WJC and Betty Currie exchanging clothes on night of gift retrieval/Watergate break- in scenario.

Exhibit 131/VT: White House security camera tape from 31 October 1997 of White House Halloween party. Clearly shows WJC, Betty Currie and others messing about with a ouija board which subsequently spells out "Hillary knows".

BOX 29: Audio transcripts

FBI Exhibit 332-WT8: Edited wiretap transcript of telephone call between WJC and Congressman HL "Sonny" Callahan:

WJC: Sonny?

HLC: Yes, it's ...

WJC: Sonny, I wanted to, I just ...

HLC: Mr President?

WJC: No, don't ...

HLC: Hello? Mr President?

WJC: Sorry, go ahead Sonny.

HLC: Mr President, I ...

WJC: Oh, [expletive deleted].

HLC: What?

WJC: Stop it now. I mean it. Sonny?

HLC: Hello?

WJC: Sonny I'm gonna have to ... whoa ...

HLC: Hello? Mr President?

Exhibit 100LT-47: Partial transcript of Linda Tripp-Monica Lewinsky telephone conversation #47:

LT: Tell me again. You had oral sex with who?

ML: With him.

LT: Him who?

ML: You know.

LT: It might help if you say it. Say "I had oral sex with President William Jefferson Clinton".

ML: I had oral sex with President William Jefferson Clinton.

LT: Right. [audible click] I gotta go. Bye.

ML: Hey, thanks for being there for me.

BOX 34: Miscellaneous

Exhibit 324/4J: Letter from Customer Relations Officer of the Altoid Mint Company to Monica Lewinsky which begins: "Thank you for your informative letter of the 29th ..."

Exhibit 22/9F: Homemade Kenneth Starr dartboard, with puncture marks.