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FORGET the Baby Boom; get ready for the Pop Babies. The Grammy success of Bob Dylan's son Jakob looks like just the beginning for the next generation of rock star children.

No doubt you've heard of Julian Lennon and, now, Jakob Dylan. But did you know that Sean Lennon, 22, the only son of John and Yoko, has an album being released in May? Or that Adam Cohen, the 25- year-old son of the melancholic Canadian poet/crooner Leonard Cohen, has an album called - wait for it - Cry Ophelia coming out on Columbia? Meanwhile, Shana Morrison, 27-year-old daughter of Van, has recorded a demo with her group Caledonia that is making the rounds in the States.

Other aspiring star offspring include Rufus Wainwright, 23, son of Loudon Wainwright III; Rolan Bolan, 22, son of Marc Bolan; Chris Everly, 23, Phil Everly's boy; and Elijah Blue Allman, 20, the boy wonder of Gregg Allman and Cher, who plays mean goth rock. Let's give the last word to Chris Stills, 23, son of Stephen Stills, who recently reported, "When I told my dad what I wanted to do, he said `What, are you kidding me? Please go to college."

THE FIRST openly homosexual ambassadorial nomination in American history is bogged down in Congress.

James Hormel is the scion of the huge US meat-packing company that makes Spam. He is also an outspoken gay activist and a generous philanthropist. He has been nominated by President Clinton to be ambassador to Luxembourg after promising not to present his lover as his "ambassadorial spouse". But conservative senators are blocking the nomination, asserting that Hormel may try to promote homosexuality as the US ambassador. Hormel vigorously denies that he will promote anything but the best interests of his country.

In California to attend daughter Chelsea's "Parents' Day" at Stanford, Clinton defended his nominee. "The only question the United States Senate should ask, and there is only one answer, is will he or will he not be a good ambassador."

Pandora likewise only has one question. What on earth is happening in dreary old Luxembourg? Obviously James Hormel knows something or he wouldn't be so keen to camp out there.

THIS week's `UK Press Gazette' offers vivid coverage of the jailing of two British paparazzi in Los Angeles. The story about Giles Harrison and Andrew O'Brien, convicted of harassing Arnold Schwarzenegger, appears on page four. Followed, on page 18, by an advertisement placed by their employer Splash, the British tabloid bureau in LA, seeking new photographers. Its irresistible headline? "Come work in the sun."

Presumably LA County Jail provides free towels, but applicants would be wise to bring their own tanning oil. And don't forget the bail money.

MIKE BLOOMBERG was taking no chances. The financial data tycoon who sponsored the Serpentine Gallery's gala reopening last week wanted the occasion to be as glittering and celebrity-filled as possible.

So he engaged - who else? - Aurelia Cecil, the glamorous luxury goods PR (clients: Versace, Daphne's) who is Prince Andrew's new flame. Talent like this doesn't come cheap. Aurelia's fee for producing a flood of A-list guests was pounds 10,000.

ATTENTION all you hip cats and chicks who were on the scene back in the Swinging Sixties. Like, it's time for a reality check. Take a look at the latest issue of Saga. Who's the covergirl on Britain's leading journal for the "Senior Set"? Yes, it's Twiggy and she's looking absolutely fab.