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WRONGED: Uriah the Hittite (by Bathsheba and King David); King Mark (Tristan and Isolde); Arthur (Guinevere and Lancelot); Henry VIII (Catherine Howard, and possibly Anne Boleyn); Oberon (Titania and Bottom); Captain O'Shea (Kitty and Parnell); Admiral Sir Henry Keppel (Edward VII); Mr Simpson and Mr Dudley-Ward (Edward VIII); Duke of Argyll (unless he was the Duchess's 'headless man'); Arthur Miller (Marilyn Monroe and J F Kennedy or Einstein or . . .); Ken Barlow (Deirdre and Mike Baldwin); Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles.

TODAY is the feast day of Saint Bernadino Realino born near Modena in 1530. He worked principally in Naples where, devoting himself to prisoners, the sick and the destitute, he was considered a saint in his lifetime. Before he died he had a bad fall resulting in two wounds which would not heal. The blood he shed was kept in phials by his followers and, after his death, was rumoured to behave in extraordinary ways - boiling and frothing, particularly when placed near his tongue, which had also been preserved. The 'frothings' were recorded as recently as 1852, but in 1895 investigators failed to find anything extraordinary.

3 July, 1728: Robert Adam (above) was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, the son of an architect. With his brother James he created a light, elegant style of architecture still known by the family name. Robert was already well-known and prosperous when, aged 26, he travelled to Italy. In Rome he had to choose between Society (which scorned artists, he wrote home) or Architecture. He chose the latter, meticulously recording Roman ruins and antiquities and developing a style that was immediately popular on his return to England. His works include Syon House, Middlesex, and Portland Place and Kenwood House in London.

1775: George Washington became commander-in- chief of American forces.

1928: John Logie Baird transmitted the first colour television image.

1954: Meat rationing ended in Britain, the last food to be rationed.