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THE BIG TURN-ONS: Other most popular TV programmes in World Cup Final week. 1966 No Hiding Place (ITV 6.75m); 1970 Shadows of Fear (5.9m); 1974 Coronation Street (ITV 7.3m); 1978 Winner Takes All (ITV 14.45m); 1982 Coronation St (13.4m); 1986 EastEnders (BBC 16.1m); 1990 Coronation St (17.4m).

GAME OF TWO SIDES: Cup Final viewing figures. 1966 BBC 4.65m, ITV 2.8m; 1970 BBC 4.25m, ITV 3.9m; 1974 BBC 16m, ITV 5.5m; 1978 BBC 13.35m, ITV 8.85m; 1982 BBC 6.9m, ITV 6.4m; 1986 BBC 11.75m, ITV 5.8m; 1990 BBC 13m, ITV 6.35m.

NB: Figures for 1966 and 1970 are for homes, from 1974 onwards for viewers. Supplied by Tam, Jictar, BBC and Barb.

TODAY is the Saint Day of Thomas Woodhouse, a rector who clung to his faith during Elizabeth I's persecution of Catholics. He was arrested in 1561 in the act of saying Mass and was sent to Fleet Prison. While there he tried to convert the other inmates and attached religious writings to stones which he threw out of the window. In 1572 he wrote to Lord Burleigh, urging him to persuade the Queen to submit to the Pope. As a result he was classed as a dangerous fanatic. At the Guildhall in 1573 he was found guilty of high treason and on the scaffold at Tyburn was told to ask pardon of God, Queen and country. 'Nay,' he replied. 'On the part of God I demand of you and of the Queen that ye ask pardon of God and of Holy Mother Church because, contrary to the truth, ye have resisted Christ the Lord, and His vicar upon Earth, the Pope.'

19 June 1829: Metropolitan Police founded.

1910: Launch of the Deutschland, the first airship to carry paying passengers, designed by Ferdinand von Zeppelin, above. It was wrecked in a storm within a fortnight, but more soon followed and by 1914 Zeppelin's airline had carried 35,000 people 100,000 miles. After 1918 Zeppelins seemed to fulfil their promise, completing many Atlantic crossings, but the 1937 Hindenburg disaster ended the airship dream.

1917: British Royal Family adopted the name Windsor.

1961: Kuwait became independent.

BIRTHDAYS: Salman Rushdie, 47; Delia Smith, 54; Paul Eddington, 67.

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