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CADDISH CAPTAINS: Paris abducted Menelaus's wife, Helen, and caused the 10-year Trojan war; David made Bathsheba pregnant then arranged for her husband Uriah to be killed in battle; Captain Osborne married the devoted Amelia in Vanity Fair but had an affair with Becky Sharp; Count Vronsky seduced and deserted Anna Karenina; Mr Wickham of the visiting regiment betrayed the Bennett family in Pride and Prejudice by running away with Lydia to Brighton; Captain Grimes deceived both his wives in Decline and Fall; Sergeant Troy deserted Fanny Robin who died in the workhouse in Far from the Madding Crowd; Captain Angela Jackson left her husband for colour-sergeant Brian Taylor; Captain Mark Phillips had an Antipodean connection while married to the Princess Royal; Captain Atherton's manoeuvre wasn't cricket; captains of industry take more than their fair share; Captain Hewitt told all.

TODAY is the feast day of Saint Ghislain, who, as a hermit, founded and became abbot of a monastery near Mons. According to legend, Ghislain was taken to the site by a grateful bear to which he gave refuge when it was being hunted by King Dagobert I. Another legend records that Ghislain had previously been the Bishop of Athens but resigned his post after a vision he received on a visit to Rome. From Rome he set out for France and stopped to rest with a family at Roisin. That night, his host's wife went into a difficult labour and Ghislain offered her his belt. If she put that round her, he said, she would safely deliver a son. And so it turned out, with the grateful parents donating two estates for the new monastery.

9 October, 1779: First Luddite riots began in Manchester, against the introduction of machinery for spinning cotton.

1888: Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin, Russian Bolshevik (above) was born in Moscow. His early political activity led to arrest and exile. From Vienna he helped Lenin produce Pravda. Bukharin remained close to Lenin through the early stages of the Russian Revolution and, with Preobrazhensky, he wrote the ABC of Communism. Then, moving swiftly to the right, he fell out with Lenin over economic policy. He supported Stalin in his purges before being driven from power and condemned to death himself. He was shot in 1938.

1899: First petrol-driven motor bus began operating in London.

1962: Uganda became independent.