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TRAPS: Pluto fed Proserpine pomegranate seeds to keep her in Hades six months of the year; Pasiphae climbed into a cow- shaped wooden shell to fool the object of her desire, a white bull; her consequent offspring, the Minotaur (half-bull half- man), was hidden in a maze to trap seven youths and seven maidens every year; Echo fooled Narcissus into falling in love with his own reflection; Delilah seduced her people's enemy, Samson, rendering him powerless by cutting his hair; Judith seduced her people's enemy, Holofernes, and chopped off his head; Robert Redford and Paul Newman ensnared Robert Shaw in The Sting, fooling everyone including the audience; Monica Coghlan fooled Jeffrey Archer into giving her pounds 2,000, even though they had never met; 'Lizzie James' wooed Colin Stagg with tales of satanic murder but failed to extract a murder confession.