The politics of Green economics

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Sir: David Nicholson-Lord draws attention to the urgent need to start acting on Green economic indicators ('Cashing in on a hole in the sky', 31 May). One fact that would have gone well in his article is the assumption that an upturn in car sales is good news.

But what about the political dimension? Already, the major political choice should be between protagonists of these new economic indicators, and those who, for example, merely see profits in sun creams - or selling oxygen in due course. The media may have written off the Green Party last year, but the fact remains the need for a Green Party grows ever more urgent.

Take the Newbury by-election. Not a word about the global crisis from the Liberal Democrats. Their attitude is that of a newsagent to hard porn; press them hard enough and they are surprisingly forthcoming. They even have a weak version of the Green Party's Basic Income, which they call Citizens' Income - a much better name wasted on such a timid version.

But does Paddy Ashdown use every opportunity to explain its crucial importance to sustainable economics? Afraid not - he doesn't even mention it when interviewed about such topics as Workfare or unemployment figures.

Yours faithfully,


Batley & Spen Green Party


West Yorkshire

1 June