The ultra super mega bumper list

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TEN words people use to make things seem bigger than they are:











Ten familiar 'British' things that are actually French in origin:

Babar the Elephant

Golden Delicious apples

'My Way'

The Magic Roundabout

Ravel's Bolero

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Madame Tussaud's

'Autumn Leaves'

Les Miserables

'The Carnival of the Animals'

Ten well-known people who are named after a county in the British Isles:

Devon Malcolm

Clark Kent

Susan Hampshire

David Essex

Dionne Warwick

Ann Clwyd

Richard Cork

Jonathan Ross

Tyrone Power

Inspector Wexford

Ten well-known people with the same name as a lager or a beer:

Stella Rimington

Will Carling

Fatima Whitbread

Alfie Bass

Audie Murphy

Frank Worthington

Truman Capote

Jackie Mann

John Smith

Richard Burton

Ten expressions meaning 'anthology' that are used in book titles instead of 'anthology' by publishers who do not want to frighten people by using the word 'anthology':

Pick of. . .

Best of. . .

A Feast of. . .

Garland of. . .

Child's Garden of. . .

Treasury of. . .

Oxford Book of. . .

The . . . Annual

Symposium of. . .

J Julius Norwich Bumper

Christmas Cracker Book of. . .

Ten 20th-century place names:

Industrial Estate

Garden Village

New Town



Bull Ring



Motor Lodge


Ten modern playwrights who are not called 'Howard':

Michael Frayn

Simon Gray

David Hare

Willy Russell

Tom Stoppard

Edward Bond

Alan Bleasdale

Alan Ayckbourn

Alan Bennett

Alun Owen

Ten well-known people with only first names and no surnames:

John Birt

Philip Norman

Barry Norman

Barry John

Naomi James

Clive James

Lenny Henry

Jeffrey Bernard

Hugh Thomas

Cliff Richard

Ten well-known people who have only surnames and no first names:

Rowan Atkinson

Courtney Pine

Lindsay Anderson

Hunter Davies

Ross Perot

Linford Christie

Melvyn Bragg

Daley Thompson

Auberon Waugh

Harrison Ford

Ten names that use letters in a disturbingly foreign way:


John le Carre


Lech Walesa


Noel Coward

Antonin Dvorak

Luis Bunuel

Hans von Bulow

Sinead O'Connor

Ten jazz musicians who changed their names in their own lifetime: Stephane Grappelli (formerly Grappelly)

Phil Napoleon (Filippo Napoli)

Jelly Roll Morton (Ferdinand La Menthe)

Red Norvo (Kenneth Norville)

Georg Brunis (George Brunies - apparently he shortened his name on the advice of a numerologist)

Eddie Lang (Salvatore Massaro)

Yusef Lateef (Bill Evans)

Gil Evans (Gilmore Green)

Red Rodney (Robert Chudnik)

Shorty Rogers (Milton M Rajonsky)