There's no mystery about Masons : LETTERS

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From Mr M. B. S. Higham Sir: Your article on Freemasonry ("Masons may be forced into open," 21 January) contained two basic errors of fact that should be corrected. First, Freemasonry is not secret and, second, Freemasons are not "dedicated to helping each other". If that cap fits anywhere, Chris Mullin should know he will not find Freemasonry's head under it.

At the end of November, I wrote to Lord Nolan offering to give evidence about Freemasonry and including a basic statement on matters relevant to his committee's work, so there is no question of our being forced into the open by the committee: we were already there - and willingly.

Yours sincerely, M. B. S. HIGHAM Commander, Royal Navy, Grand Secretary, United Grand Lodge of England London, WC2

24 January