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12 June:

1667: Jean Baptiste Denys, personal physician to Louis XIV, carries out a successful transfusion of sheep's blood to a 15-year-old boy.

1839: In Cooperstown NY, Abner Doubleday introduces baseball to America.

1920: Charles Stephens, a British barber goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel and dies.

1985: Beatles awarded MBEs.

13 June:

1842: Queen Victoria is the first British monarch to travel by train - Slough to Paddington.

1893: The first women's golf championship is won by Lady Scott at Royal Lytham.

1988: The USSR holds its first beauty contest.

14 June:

1494: The grand mayor of the church and monastery of St Martin de Laon condemn a pig to be hanged for infanticide.

1789: Captain Bligh and 18 crew arrive at Timor 3,500 miles from where they were cast adrift from the Bounty.

1906: Women are banned from dangerous sports after the death of a lady parachutist.

1965: The OBE insignia are returned to the Palace in protest at the award of MBEs to the Beatles.

15 June:

1928: The Flying Scotsman beats a plane in a race from London to Edinburgh.

1985: The first mixed marriages in South Africa.

16 June:

1880: Salvation Army ladies wear bonnets for the first time.

1930: Mixed bathing is allowed for the first time in the Serpentine in Hyde Park.

1948: The first airline hijack: Miss Macao, a Cathay Pacific flying boat travelling from Macao to Hong Kong.

1958: Yellow no-waiting lines come into force in Britain.

1963: Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman in space.

1978: Space Invaders is demonstrated by Taito Corp. of Tokyo.

17 June:

1823: Charles Macintosh patents his rainproof fabric.

1939: Eugen Weidmann loses his head in the last public guillotining in France.

1963: Buckingham Palace confirms that Charles, 14, bought cherry brandy in a hotel bar.

18 June:

1583: The first insurance policy is sold.

1978: Jim Davis creates Garfield the cat, naming him after his grandfather, James A Garfield Davis.