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26 June:

1862: Joseph Wells, the father of HG Wells, becomes the first bowler to take four wickets in four balls in a first-class match.

1901: Professional chauffeurs protest at a move to stop them wearing moustaches.

1939: Public executions are abolished in Paris.

1962: President Kennedy says: "Ich bin ein Berliner".

27 June:

1693: Ladies Mercury, the first women's magazine, is published.

1871: Japan introduces the yen.

1967: Barclays Bank at Enfield introduces the cash dispenser.

1988: Dave Hurst and Alan Matthews of Britain become the first blind climbers to reach the top of Mont Blanc.

28 June:

1859: At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the world's first dog show attracts 60 entries of pointers and setters.

1990: Authorities in Florence decree that all horses within city limits must wear underwear to keep manure off the streets.

29 June:

1620: Tobacco growing is banned in Britain; a monopoly is granted to the colony of Virginia.

1801: The first UK census reveals a population of 8,872,000.

1966: The age of plastic begins with Britain's first credit card.

30 June:

1837: Use of the pillory is banned in Britain.

1859: Charles Blondin (Jean Francois Gravelet) crosses Niagara Falls on a tightrope. The rope is 1100ft long with a 600ft drop.

1938: First appearance of Superman in Action Comics.

1951: England defeat Australia 17-0 at soccer in Sydney.

1957: The lion symbol of freshness is first stamped on British eggs, a practice that lasted until the end of 1968.

1 July:

1847: The first adhesive postage stamps go on sale in America.

1929: Popeye the Sailor is created by Elzie Segar.

1937: The "999" emergency service begins in Britain.

1941: The first ever television commercial is screened on WNBT in New York advertising the Bulova Clock and Watch Co.

1977: The last time the Queen watched tennis at Wimbledon.

1980: The sixpenny bit ceases to be legal tender.

2 July:

1924: The government rejects the idea of a Channel Tunnel.

1994: A Colombian footballer is shot dead by fans after scoring an own goal that led to their elimination from the World Cup.