What you want to see happen: more responses

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LAST Wednesday we asked you to tell us what you would like to see happen now in Bosnia. We published a selection of your responses on Saturday, since when we have received 80 more letters. We print some extracts here.

You have continued strongly to support the option of taking on the Serbs (the total is now 337 in favour), as against pulling out (71) or staying in and seeking peace (80); 56 made other proposals.

Military intervention was judged to be inappropriate a year ago on the grounds that it would make matters worse. How much worse does the situation have to become before we take action? - Ms L M Castell

We believe that defending civilian populations in foreign countries against armed aggression is a service anyone engaged in a military career would be proud to provide - M and A O'Hea

It would have to involve heavy ground intervention . . . the cost of this intervention would be exceedingly high but must be accepted or we risk the complete discrediting of the UN - D C Wakefield

If my opinion is immaterial, I would plead for honesty on the part of the UN powers . . . Honesty, whatever the decision, would salvage some respect for our sense of humanity - William Purcell

To join in the war will only multiply the killing, and remove a vital neutral presence. We will also lose all moral authority to judge the existing violence - Louise Muston

Events of the past few days demonstrate how giving the weaker side unrealistic hopes and making sure the stronger feel that its enemy is the ally of occupying forces is one sure way to multiply the horrors of war -

R Lloyd-Jones.