Winckler's Wacky World: The end of men?

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Is it really “The End of Men”?

The revolution radical feminists have been waiting for, Hanna Rosin says, is happening now, before our very eyes. Men are losing their grip, patriarchy is crumbling and we are reaching “the end of 200,000 years of human history and the beginning of a new era” in which women — and womanly skills and traits — are on the rise.

What's ap Frenchie?

Banana Republic, Levi's, Gap, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, McDonald's, Virgin and Abercrombie & Fitch and soon the famous jeweler Tiffany's: has the United States transform the Champs-Elysees in an American mall?

Adult Killer Whales Need Their Mamas, Too

"Despite their fierce name, killer whales are really mama’s boys. For good reason: A study of almost 600 orcas, also known as killer whales, shows that having mom nearby significantly increases a son’s chances for survival."

It's so shinnnyyyy

The world’s shiniest living thing is an African fruit that looks like a pointillist bauble. The Pollia condensata is the shiniest fruit in the world. Actually, it's spheres are the shiniest living materials in the world, full-stop.

Curiosity is a sin

Sex film e-mail ensnares curious government staff - Nearly 1,000 New Taipei City Government employees recently failed an information security test due to their curiosity about an e-mail claiming to contain the latest sex video of Justin Lee.

"Kerfuffle" is the best word ever

Arnold Zwincky and Jan Freeman have pointed to Ted McCagg's blog, which has been hosting a "Best Word Ever contest".

Baby memories

Ben W. Strowbridge and Robert A. Hyde have discovered how to store diverse forms of artificial short-term memories in isolated brain tissue in-vitro

Dog shoots man

A leaping dog inadvertently shot his master in the hand by catching the trigger of his shotgun during a hunt in the Dordogne, south-western France.

LiLo vs. Amanda Bynes

Lindsay Lohan Complains About Being Jailed While "Nickelodeon Star Has Had No Punishment".