WWW: Wacky World of Winckler (17th September 2012)

Welcome to the wackiest wonders of the world wide web

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Mammoth find in eastern Siberia raises 'clone hope'

The key to cloning a woolly mammoth may be locked into the Siberian permafrost. bbc.co.uk

Home and Away

British designer Dominic Wilcox invented the GPS shoes "No place like home" are programmed to show you the way home "anywhere in the world." dominicwilcox.com


Oklahoma judge hands down prison sentence, then presides over nuptials. newsok.com

Over Sharing

Facebook Friends Boasted of Gang War, Police Say. nytimes.com

Be Kind Rewind

Creationists Boycott Dr. Pepper over “Evolution of Flavor” Facebook Ad. time.com


Model Trains, Pope Pranking, and Other Passions of the Rich and Famous. wired.com

Face Book

Genes for face shape identified. bbc.co.uk

No more excuses

Danish nursery offers parents time for making babies. bbc.co.uk