London Map Fair: the landscape of time

Wednesday 01 June 2011 15:07 BST

Europe's largest antiquarian map fair opens in London next week, providing a glimpse of the creative ways cartographers drew the landscape hundreds of years ago.

Dating from the 15th to 19th centuries, highlights include a map of the universe by seventeenth-century Venetian cartographer Coronelli, revealing the Nine Circles of Hell of Dante’s Divine Comedy, as well as a curiosity map of Europe depicting each country as a caricature.

An example Ogilby’s 17th century road map which marks all the inns, churches and other notable landmarks on the road from London to Portsmouth – the course of the modern A3 – will also feature. As will the earliest surviving printed plan of London, dated 1574.

Click here or on the image to preview the London Map Fair in pictures

London Map Fair opens 11-12 June 2011 at the Royal Geographical Society,

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