Pieter Vermeersch, Untitled (Blue 0-100%)

Friday 25 March 2011 08:00

Belgian artist Pieter Vermeersch is having a ‘blue period’ if his solo exhibition at London’s Carl Freedman gallery is anything to go by.

In collaboration with the Londonewcastle Project Space, a 3,000sq ft former print works, Vermeersch has created a single work which immerses the onlooker in every possible shade of Basic Blue.

The transition from a washed-out hazy blue to pure azure is seamless. It is particularly impressive when you consider that the artist mixed the paint by hand and completed the installation in just two weeks.

The wall painting begins at the entrance and runs along all three interior gallery walls, ending at its bluest at the furthest point from the door.

The installation accompanies a series of smaller Vermeersch paintings of skies currently on show at the Carl Freedman Gallery gallery’s main exhibition space.

To see Untitled (Blue 0-100%) in pictures and other examples of Vermeersch's work click here or on the image. Or watch a video walkthrough the installation (above).

The exhibition is at the Carl Freedman Gallery and Londonewcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch Street, London until 3 April. www.carlfreedmangallery.com

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