The Secret Language of Flowers - picture preview

Sunday 23 October 2011 03:42

An exhibition exploring the age-old motif of flowers in art opens at a gallery in London today.

The Secret Language of Flowers at the Andipa Gallery in Knightsbridge showcases the work of eight emerging artists and has been staged to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show which takes place in a couple of weeks.

The term ‘the secret language of flowers’ was coined in the Victorian era when each genus of flower was classified as evocative of a certain feeling or emotion.

The artists in this exhibition have used flowers, infinite in their formal and symbolic potential, to express the relationship between art and life, nature and culture, beauty and consumption, survival and adaptation.

Click on the image above for a preview of the exhibition

The exhibition is from 12 May to 6 June 2011 at Andipa Gallery, Knightsbridge,

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