Chinese government's 'weird architecture' ban in ruins as 'giant toilet' skyscraper is built

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 12 July 2016 12:19

Back in February, the Chinese central government demanded an end to all mainland construction of buildings that are “oversized”, “xenocentric” or “weird” and a move toward architecture that is “pleasing to the eye”.

Fast forward five months, and a 12-story toilet has been built in Henan province.

The building will be home to the North China of Water Conservancy and Electric Power, so it’s possible that the shape is a very unsubtle nod to their industry, but more likely it’s an oversight.

The building has a clear bowl, cistern and even a blue roof that doubles for toilet water.

The government’s call for less “weird” architecture came after people drew comparisons between the new design for the Beijing airport and a vagina, and the Beijing People’s Daily Headquarters and a penis.

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