Dishonored 2 art director walks us through game's phenomenal concept art

Exclusive: Sébastien Mitton reveals all about the city of Karnaca

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 20 September 2016 15:17
Some of the concept art from Dishonored 2
Some of the concept art from Dishonored 2

Anyone who has played the first Dishonored will be able to wax lyrical about the game’s stunning Victorian visuals.

Thankfully, the sequel - which tells the next chapter in Empress Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano’s story - looks set to continue the steam-punk style, exemplified in Dishonored 2’s concept art.

Sébastien Mitton, Arkane’s Art Director, has pulled together numerous images of Karnaca for The Independent, walking us through what each represents in the game.

Highlights from the gallery include ‘Infestation’, revealing the horrible bloodflies ecosystem, and an overview of the Dust District, showing the wind turbines of Karnaca. Flick through the below gallery for Mitton’s own descriptions.

Dishonored 2 takes place fifteen years after the first game and starts with Empress Emily Kaldwin being dethroned by an ‘otherworldly superpower’. She soon becomes an outlaw from society and - with Corvo Attano - tries to restore power to the thrown. The game is set for worldwide release 11 November.

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