The Dandy: Desperate times call for desperate measures for Desperate Dan


Will Dean
Wednesday 15 August 2012 12:14

Scottish publisher DC Thomson this week announced The Dandy, its famous comic, could close as the firm tries to cut losses.

How could the home of Desperate Dan keep the wolf from the door?

Rebrand cow pies: Desperate Dan's meal of choice may be a giant, behorned meat pie, but there's a reason that we don't call bacon "pig". Call them "artisan handmade 28-day-hung steak pies" and flog them at Dandytown Farmers' Market for £12 a pop.

Korky the LOLKat: If kids aren't buying comics, why not aim for the bored student/office-worker demographic and turn Korky, the Dandy's joint-longest-running character, into a popular internet phenomenon. I CAN HAZ A BEANO! and so on.

Organic Bananaman: Looks exactly like the normal Bananaman but costs 37p more.

Buy Desperate Dan a razor: The cowboy shaves with a blow torch. Save on rising fuel costs by getting him a Gillette Mach 3.

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